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I[SR] has primarily social objectives and its profits are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community.  It is driven by the desire to maximize the financial and social return to all stakeholders in the company. Operating itself as a social enterprise, Inclusion uses business solutions to achieve public good, and has a distinct and valuable role to play in helping create a strong, sustainable and socially inclusive economy.


Inclusion’s prime mission is to promote financial and social inclusion by providing independent and socially-conscious financial and social performance ratings and advisory services

to organizations striving to make a positive contribution toward a more sustainable society.


Our primary aim is to enable individuals, institutions and businesses, through ratings and social performance assessments, to use finance more consciously in ways

that benefit society, the economy and the environment,

and that promote sustainable development.


Inclusion strives to offer customers sustainable financial products and high quality service,

while balancing the interests of all the company’s stakeholders.


Inclusion’s primary market activities are to rate entities, such as Social Enterprises, MFIs, Financial Institutions, Corporates and to rate financial instruments, such as Charity Bonds, Social Impact Bonds, Green Bonds and Development Impact Bonds; or any entities or their securities, whose business model or objectives include a significant commitment to promoting a social and environmental benefit. Our rating operations are in the UK, continental Europe, Africa and the Middle East, through a network of branches and subsidiaries, with additional rating activities in the Americas, and Asia/Pacific through strategic alliances with local and regional rating agencies. In addition to social assessments and ratings, our other products and services include advisory, training and risk management for socially-responsible and socially-focused organizations around the world. Specific rating products include, Social Performance Assessments, Social Responsibility Ratings, Social Impact Ratings and Corporate Governance Rating, as well as traditional credit ratings of issuances and issuers. I[SR] has developed its own proprietary social impact rating methodology for assessing social enterprises, socially responsive corporations, social impact bonds (SIBs), and development impact bonds (DIBs).


All its ratings and assessments are internationally comparable, based upon transparent and easily understood methodologies and criteria. Inclusion is seeking regulatory authorization and licenses in those jurisdiction where required for operating as a credit rating agency.


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Inclusion [Social Rating],

(“I[SR]”or “Inclusion”) is the world’s first and only truly global social enterprise rating agency. It was established as a limited liability company, registered in and operating out of the UK, but with a global reach and with initial local operations in Europe and Africa, the latter through

its wholly-owned subsidiary, Inclusion [Africa] Ltd.

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